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Elders: Fashion models

“They are naturals in front of the camera. Ms. Hsu, 84, exudes the haughtiness of a supermodel but retains an air of playfulness. Mr. Chang, 83, is the perfect foil, complementing his wife’s swagger with a chill disposition while rocking bountiful eyebrows.”

From the New York Times (paywall after a few issues a month), an article about a Taiwanese couple has an Instagram following of ~800,000 at the time I’m writing this. The pair have swagger as they model lost and abandoned laundry left at their laundromat.

I recommend the NYT article as it explores a bit of their bio. The world is sometimes an adorable place. Check out their Instagram.

Road Trip: Spotify designs your Soundtrack

Spotify, in collaboration with Google Maps, launched Soundtrack Your Ride to make full ride-length mix tapes to complement your roadtrip. Enter your destination, answer questions like “what’s your drive vibe”, “who you traveling with” and “what’s your ultimate driving song”. Sounds fun, now where to go?

Deep: More shower thoughts

Reddit’s Shower Thoughts is a crowdsourced collection of miniature epiphanies, and here are some recent submissions. This is part two of these posts. For part one, click here.

Since plants are alive, vegetarians value consciousness, not life. u/Polar_Beach

The number of people who are older than you can only get smaller. u/HarsherThanFiction

It’s amazing how Hollywood still perpetuates that it’s ok for women to hit/slap men and it’s funny or acceptable. u/tom_is_the_bomb

Your fingernails are naturally color-coded telling you where to cut u/fake-yam

Dirty dishes are so much grosser in cold water than in hot water. /ProperSauce

If humans were a nocturnal species instead of diurnal, we’d probably see dark as good and light as evil instead of the other way around. u/divsky

A paper cut is a trees glorious revenge u/3460jordt

We find dogs kind of simple that for years they continue to get pleasure from the simple act of chasing after and retreiving a ball, yet humans for years continue to get pleasure from the simple act of watching a dog chasing after and retrieving a ball. u/princeofropes

The more a person’s laugh doesn’t sound like a laugh, the more they’re laughing. u/HolyNovie

Maybe flies are actually your reincarnated relatives attempting to get your attention u/Nest-egg

Sloth is arguably the “best” sin to commit as it prevents you from practicing the other 6 deadly sins /Leadric

Willie Nelson is the Snoop Dog of country music. He is featured in like every other song in the genre, loves weed, and has a complicated history with the law. Hell, they even both wear pigtails! /jwcarpy

Your teacher or professor most likely copy and pasted the “No Plagiarism” clause in your class syllabus. u/imamuffin18

Being able to control volume is essential to comfort. But have you ever noticed that you only have one volume in your head? Whether you are reading something IN ALL CAPS or something that describes a peaceful moment- it’s at the same volume. Go ahead. Try to yell in your head. Now try to whisper. u/lgill423

Best way to test a ouija board it to have blind people use it. /alotofno

People who “don’t need to do drugs to have fun” would likely have way more fun on drugs. u/Red_Powerade

Being a baby must be traumatizing at times. Imagine going to sleep in your house and you wake up at Target. u/Please_Wave is seriously missing an advertising/business opportunity be not saving the Amazon. u/WiggleFriend

This Guy: Listens to Free Bird for the first time

This fellow, who goes by NOLIFESHAQ, claims he’s never heard Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” and records his first listen. He gets the song’s ethos immediately and feels the long-ending flying solo in a deep, passionate way. NOLIFESHAQ is a pleasure to experience. I want to be his friend, although I’d probably just sit on his couch and listen to him espouse whatever he wants. His energy and enthusiasm is bottled contagiousness.

Linked from BoingBoing.

Inquire: A story of glitter

For deep knowledge’s sake, a sparkling New York Times article on glitter:

What is glitter? The simplest answer is one that will leave you slightly unsatisfied, but at least with your confidence in comprehending basic physical properties intact. Glitter is made from glitter. Big glitter begets smaller glitter; smaller glitter gets everywhere, all glitter is impossible to remove; now never ask this question again.

Ah, but if you, like an impertinent child seeking a logistical timetable of Santa Claus’ nocturnal intercontinental journey, demand a more detailed definition — a word of warning: The path to enlightenment is littered with trade secrets, vapors, aluminum ingots, C.I.A. levels of obfuscation, the invisible regions of the visible spectrum, a unit of measurement expressed as “10-6 m” and also New Jersey.

Humans, even humans who don’t like glitter, like glitter. We are drawn to shiny things in the same wild way our ancestors were overcome by a compulsion to forage for honey. A theory that has found favor among research psychologists (supported, in part, by a study that monitored babies’ enthusiasm for licking plates with glossy finishes) is that our attraction to sparkle is derived from an innate need to seek out fresh water.

Caity Weaver of the New york times


Marinate: Hot tub boats

So hot tub boats are a thing. Instead of your normal dilly dallying, why not try a superlative activity? A perfect excuse to get stoned (where it’s legal), wet, bubble and chill. I’m not sure where rentals are available outside of Seattle, but you could always buy one (or buy two and give one to me). From my experience, hopping on a boat is like hopping into a vacation. Hopping on a hot tub boat is ___________.

I’m scheduled to try one on July 4th. I’ll report back.

Snapshots: Kismet or chaos?

Mr. Ye and Ms. Xue met and began a relationship in the Chinese mega-city of Chengdue in 2011. They are now married with children.

While going through a box of his in-law’s old family photographs, Mr. Ye discovered a 2001 picture of Ms. Xue posing for in May Fourth Square in Qingdao, another sizable city 1100 miles away from Chengdue. “When I saw the photo, I was taken by surprised and I got goosebumps all over my body… that was my pose for taking photos,” Mr. Ye tells Sina News. “I also took a photo, it was the same posture (as captured in Ms Xue’s photo), just from a different angle.” He still had his photo and knew exactly where it was.

May Fourth Square in Qingdao, 2001.

For context, Ms. Xue was on vacation in Qingdao for some r&r after her mother’s surgery. Mr. Ye was visiting Qingdao as part of a tour group. They posed near to each other and the photos were snapped around the same micro-second. This was before the ubiquity of cell-phone cameras.

Regardless if this was meant to be, or if “meant to be” exists, the couple endowed the location as significant to their family and plans to vacation there in the future.

Sources: PetaPixel and Fstoppers.