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Deep: More shower thoughts

Reddit’s Shower Thoughts is a crowdsourced collection of miniature epiphanies, and here are some recent submissions. This is part two of these posts. For part one, click here.

Since plants are alive, vegetarians value consciousness, not life. u/Polar_Beach

The number of people who are older than you can only get smaller. u/HarsherThanFiction

It’s amazing how Hollywood still perpetuates that it’s ok for women to hit/slap men and it’s funny or acceptable. u/tom_is_the_bomb

Your fingernails are naturally color-coded telling you where to cut u/fake-yam

Dirty dishes are so much grosser in cold water than in hot water. /ProperSauce

If humans were a nocturnal species instead of diurnal, we’d probably see dark as good and light as evil instead of the other way around. u/divsky

A paper cut is a trees glorious revenge u/3460jordt

We find dogs kind of simple that for years they continue to get pleasure from the simple act of chasing after and retreiving a ball, yet humans for years continue to get pleasure from the simple act of watching a dog chasing after and retrieving a ball. u/princeofropes

The more a person’s laugh doesn’t sound like a laugh, the more they’re laughing. u/HolyNovie

Maybe flies are actually your reincarnated relatives attempting to get your attention u/Nest-egg

Sloth is arguably the “best” sin to commit as it prevents you from practicing the other 6 deadly sins /Leadric

Willie Nelson is the Snoop Dog of country music. He is featured in like every other song in the genre, loves weed, and has a complicated history with the law. Hell, they even both wear pigtails! /jwcarpy

Your teacher or professor most likely copy and pasted the “No Plagiarism” clause in your class syllabus. u/imamuffin18

Being able to control volume is essential to comfort. But have you ever noticed that you only have one volume in your head? Whether you are reading something IN ALL CAPS or something that describes a peaceful moment- it’s at the same volume. Go ahead. Try to yell in your head. Now try to whisper. u/lgill423

Best way to test a ouija board it to have blind people use it. /alotofno

People who “don’t need to do drugs to have fun” would likely have way more fun on drugs. u/Red_Powerade

Being a baby must be traumatizing at times. Imagine going to sleep in your house and you wake up at Target. u/Please_Wave is seriously missing an advertising/business opportunity be not saving the Amazon. u/WiggleFriend

Deep: Shower Thoughts

Reddit’s Shower Thoughts is a crowdsourced collection of miniature epiphanies. A few I found amusing:

Sleeping five minutes in is infinitely more valuable than going to bed five minutes early. u/Nebula-X1

Swans are loud, territorial, violent, aggressive, terrifying, and an emblem of romantic love. u/nothingweird

Word “synonym” doesn’t have a synonym, but antonym of word “antonym” is synonym. u/downpour92

Using solar panels to power an air conditioning unit is like using the sun’s power against itself. u/amagnificentbiscuit

Adulthood is when you stop expecting surprises to be good things. u/GatorMech89

Most orchestras are just 1800’s cover bands. u/basspl

A gold fish’s job is to introduce kids to dying. u/es_price

The tallest person in the world has been everyone’s height once. u/contemplative-lemon

Nobody ever sneezes or coughs in movies unless it contributes to the plot. u/edinhass

A ton of people is literally 12 to 15 people. u/cornfish pie

When you were little knowing how to snap your fingers and whistle seemed like essential skills for adulthood. u/orange_lazarus1

Drinking water while going swimming in the rain on a cruise sheep at sea is the ultimate aquatic experience. u/saylittledomuch

Two all knowing beings could never have a meaningful conversation. u/mrditz

If the human race goes extinct and our cities are buried several feet underground, museums will really fuck with alien archaeologists. u/urban_biologist

When you say nothing at all ‘forward’ or ‘back’, your lips move in those directions. u/manofproto

Eating is inappropriate in both extremely clean and really dirty places. u/counterpro0

Buying a cat to catch mice is basically like hiring an assassin. u/Kamikaze_Rabbit780

Every night, we lose consciousness and quietly and harmlessly go temporarily insane. If we don’t do this, after a few days, we actually do go insane. u/exhihiloadinfinitum

Just like the person you have a crush on doesn’t even know you exist, there’s probably someone with a crush on you that you don’t even know exist. u/smellmyweenie

Your dirty talk voice is just the voice you use when talking to your pets, but in a minor key. u/TheTrashGhost

You’ve probably seen the same pigeon twice. u/upidaboss

When you’re 30 you’ve already spent a month celebrating your birthdays. u/lolexplode