Category: Activities

Find: Game of Shrooms

On June 15th artists worldwide will hide mushroom paintings and sculptures for you to find. To join the hunt, follow hashtags #gameofshrooms and #shroomdrop on Instagram, check out the artists in your area and follow Attaboy for updates. If you are an artist and Artists who would like to participate, explore the How To /Guidelines.

Shroom Ahoy Illustration
Shroom by Jim McKenzie
Shroom by Dave Correia
Shrooms by Attamyumfactory

Marinate: Hot tub boats

So hot tub boats are a thing. Instead of your normal dilly dallying, why not try a superlative activity? A perfect excuse to get stoned (where it’s legal), wet, bubble and chill. I’m not sure where rentals are available outside of Seattle, but you could always buy one (or buy two and give one to me). From my experience, hopping on a boat is like hopping into a vacation. Hopping on a hot tub boat is ___________.

I’m scheduled to try one on July 4th. I’ll report back.

Buy: An affordable dream home

House-hunting can feed your daydreams of a different reality and context but in many places and for many people this dream is out of realistic financial reach. The Instagram account cheapoldhouses brings your different life closer to home by posting gorgeous, unique, historical homes — often in deep need of fixing-up or in obscure locations — all for less than $100,000.