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Offbeat: Games for the Soul

Searching for nostalgia? Need a mystery to solve? Or just want to wander mindlessly? Immerse yourself in these gems.

Unnecessary: Revolving browser

This should test your brain’s balance. Come for the initial sensation but don’t stay a while unless you enjoy vertigo.

Hero’s journey: Terence McKenna Game

A documentarian and novice game-maker dedicated his 2018 to designing a game documenting an impactful Terence McKenna traveling experience to the Amazon. True Hallucinations: The Game puts the…

Together: Collaborative music playroom

Plink is a collaborative online music space where you can get your groove on. Initially you might play alone — its simple point and click for different sounds…

DomestiCATe: Trap a feline

This is the simplest of browser computer games, Chat Noir. It is you versus a black cat who is trying to escape. It is addictive and you’ll probably…

Play: RPG about a queer community during the apocalypse

“Imagine that the collapse of civilization didn’t happen everywhere at the same time. Instead, it’s happening in waves. Every day, more people fall out of the society intact….

Balls: Pinball explained

In Seattle we have several supremely psychedelicly dark black-light-glowing strobe-blinking bar backrooms chock full of obnoxiously-loud pinball machines (most impressively: Shorty’s). The addictive scene reeks of chaos, but…