Tag: Chaos

Balls: Pinball explained

In Seattle we have several supremely psychedelicly dark black-light-glowing strobe-blinking bar backrooms chock full of obnoxiously-loud pinball machines (most impressively: Shorty’s). The addictive scene reeks of chaos, but pinball wizard Roger Sharpe tells how the game isn’t as random as it seems.

Pinball chaos explained.

Wear: We made a shirt shop!

I wear clothes that urge folks to do a double take, to read and think. Thus, I’ve long wanted to make a shop with quotes from history’s deep thinkers and beauty appreciators. Our first shirt is also my mission statement, with words by Friedrich Nietzsche: “one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star”.

These shirts a made to order by Threadless, which means you can choose various parameters like types of shirt and color. We don’t do the printing. We get a few dollars per shirt which will hopefully sustain the site’s development. So support us and wear a beautiful thought.