Tag: Quotes from a three-year-old

Quotes: From my 3-year-old

Grey is my favorite color of the rainbow.

I like your necklace. I want to sit on it. 

Pee. Poop. Blood. Wait, is blood potty talk?

[while taking photos with a cell phone] Say cheese yoga mat. 

[holding a cow stufffed animal] Milk is coming out of my cow. But it is yellow milk. 

Me: You can’t just leave the table. You need to ask to be excused. 
Her: I asked with my body, not my mouth. 

Me: It is unsafe to slide down the railing.
Her: Not in my world, dada. 

Smell my feet. You know you want to. 

Her: Can I have a spoon of honey? 
Me: It is late. Tomorrow. 
Her. Today is tomorrow, right? Today is tomorrow from yesterday, right?

I like putting my shoe on the wrong foot. 

Al is a nice dog. Why does he hurt cows? (I explained he herds, not hurts cows)

I am not someone else. I am really really just me. 

Where is my daddy and why are you wearing his shoes?

You can do potty talk in the bathroom, or you can do a butt show. A butt show is when you run around and show everyone your butt.

What’s god, daddy?

[to my grandmother] When are you going to die?