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Sand: Kinetic Table Art

I haven’t had positive experiences with Kickstarter technology offerings, I’m hesitant to throw money at gimmicks. But I remember lusting after the original Sisyphus Table years ago when…

Butterfly Wings: Fonts in nature

The English language resides on the wings of butterflies, as photographed by Norwegian photographer Kjell Bloch Sandved. You can purchase a poster print from Sandved’s website.

Impossibilities: Down is up

Painter Lindsay Pickett bends perspective, channeling the surrealists and M.C. Escher, folding urban skylines and bending roads to where we don’t know up from down, designing a pleasant,…

Illustrate: How drugs feel

Bay-area Artist Pixel-Pusha went on a variety-drug binge, trying 19 different intoxicants in 19 days. He drew an illustration while under each influence, attempting to capture the essence…

Melting: Bruce Riley paints

“You can’t have any other intent but moving. You can’t worry about it, you can’t stop, you can’t choke. It’s obvious when it works. It’s obvious when it…

Visualization: Subtle environmental control

Casually play god with this “visual journey”, growing mountains in an ocean inside a sunset, and more. Works on phone but better on desktop.

Mechanics: As high art

Photographer Freddy Fabris captures auto mechanics as visual homages to Italian Renaissance masters. Enjoy.

Costumes: A Love Story

Via BoingBoing, Verasphere is a vibrant and adorable 20 minute documentary about costuming, romance and community.“We had a terrible burrito, but it was great.”“It’s always Ms. It’s Mrs….

String Theory: 100 miles of yarn

Psychedelic yarn art. Krakow based artists Przemek Podolski and Marta Basandowskaby spin the yarn into mind-bending installations, highlighted by blacklights. Podolski said: “I was fascinated by the cosmos…

This Person Does Not Exist

Pinocchio : These people aren’t real?

If you look someone deep enough in the eyes you can see their soul, the idiom claims. This Person Does Not Exist plays with God’s digital palette (also…