Costumes: A Love Story

Via BoingBoing, Verasphere is a vibrant and adorable 20 minute documentary about costuming, romance and community.
“We had a terrible burrito, but it was great.”
“It’s always Ms. It’s Mrs. Vera. She’s had a history.”
“The only thing that’s required is the interest to do it… it’s not normal to want to look that strange… but it’s really fun.”
“Our collaboration saved his life.”

[It] follows two San Francisco artists, David Faulk and Michael Johnstone, who fall in love at the height of the AIDS epidemic. While most of their community is overcome with grief and rage, David and Michael discover an unlikely joy through the creation of Mrs. Vera, an outrageous costumed character made from found materials. What began as an intimate art project and a way to pass the time while they faced an inevitable death, soon took on a life of its own. Now 25 years later, a large and diverse community has evolved around Mrs. Vera, all centered around one day of costumed celebration in the San Francisco Pride Parade.

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