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Rainbow Eucalyptus tree

In Nature: Psychedelic trees

The Rainbow Eucalyptus is native to Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It lives in rainforests and is “one of only four Eucalyptus species out of more than…

Impossibilities: Down is up

Painter Lindsay Pickett bends perspective, channeling the surrealists and M.C. Escher, folding urban skylines and bending roads to where we don’t know up from down, designing a pleasant,…

Watch: Sedation in action

The YouTube description bills this animation as “The Trippiest Video Ever”. The song is synthy-bass heavy and the video takes you places.

Costumes: A Love Story

Via BoingBoing, Verasphere is a vibrant and adorable 20 minute documentary about costuming, romance and community.“We had a terrible burrito, but it was great.”“It’s always Ms. It’s Mrs….

String Theory: 100 miles of yarn

Psychedelic yarn art. Krakow based artists Przemek Podolski and Marta Basandowskaby spin the yarn into mind-bending installations, highlighted by blacklights. Podolski said: “I was fascinated by the cosmos…

See/Hear: The Daily Psychedelic Video blog

Since 2010, a team of self-described “psychedelic video aficionados” have posted a video a day on their aptly-named blog, The Daily Psychedelic Video. They write: “These videos can…