See/Hear: The Daily Psychedelic Video blog

Since 2010, a team of self-described “psychedelic video aficionados” have posted a video a day on their aptly-named blog, The Daily Psychedelic Video. They write: “These videos can take you on very deep journeys, but only if you allow them the proper time and attention. Watching these videos when you’re randomly browsing the web in the middle of your working day is very different to watching them in your free time, relaxed, on a big screen, with a good set of speakers/earphones, and spliff in your hand.” They blog also offers an intellectual treatise on psychedelic aesthetics.

Here are a few of from their list of “Best Videos”:

The fractals created by the birds in the sky can sometimes be more beautiful than anything ever created with the flashiest CGI effects. (Original post on The Daily Psychedelic Video).
Baltimore rapper Rye created this hyper-psychedelic and fun version of Vengaboy’s Boom Boom. (Original post on The Daily Psychedelic Video)
An exquisite work of meditative psychedelia, Thomas Blanchard’s memories of paintings delves into microscopic bubble universes and finds endless infinitesimal detail in the interactions between paint, oil, oat milk and soap. (Original post on The Daily Psychedelic Video).
Cyriak, the web’s mad genius of consciousness-altering visuals, deconstructs 1950s style visuals and creates a complex swirling web of hypnotic disorientation.  (Original post on The Daily Psychedelic Video).

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