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Questions: Mind/body edition

  1. [funny] What happens when you tickle a clown to death?
  2. [what’s for supper?] Tabasco, strawberry and radish salad; grilled armadillo sprinkled with baked kudzu chips; honey-dipped raw jellyfish
  3. [a way to go] The Hindenburg, the Titanic, or the Challenger?
  4. [food] Where should I put this chimichanga?
  5. [sweet voices] If your breasts were filled with helium, would you permit Mike Tyson to give suck to your nipples in an effort to hear the highest sound audible to human ears?
  6. [nothing] Imagine time doesn’t exist. What would you do then?
  7. [round pound] The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. Which will you be?
  8. [Jesus H. Christ] Who’s your daddy?