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Thinking: Too much

Reddit’s folks explore “What gets really weird if you think about it too much?” Authors of each thought are in [colons].

  • for me, it’s gotta be calling people “baby” romantically or sexually…ew. [fuuuunke]
  • Do caterpillars know they they are going to become butterflies? Or do they just get in a cocoon thinking, what the fuck am I doing? [mr3inches]
  • Ripping the skin off a creature and wearing it around. Sure it’s dried and treated with chemicals, but look closely and you can still see pores and where the skin folded. [neefvii]
  • Literally everything. For example, right now I’m pushing some buttons with abstract symbols on them on something called a keyboard, and am instantly able to transmit my own thoughts through a machine that takes them, breaks them apart into other abstract symbols, and then reassembles and transmits them in some ethereal non-physically existing thing called the internet, where anyone, anywhere, at any time can look at that same exact pattern of lines and dots and instantly understand exactly what I was thinking. [DepartmentStoreSpook]
  • Airplanes. You’re sitting in a chair, miles up in the sky, going 500mph on a gust of wind. And people complain about the food. [grumpypotato]
  • Trying to imagine if nothing ever existed. [TheresAMothHere]