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Profit: The medicalization of psychedelics

Will psychedelics be reduced to an elite product that enhances status and feeds egos, as yoga and meditation have been found to do in some Western contexts?

Geoff Bathje

If you read this blog regularly, you’ve probably ascertained that we at TripOut believe the statement “capitalism is problematic” is objective truth. This article from attempts to synthesize the arguments against the profitization motives in the medicalization of MDMA and Psilocybin.

Image: Christ Driving the Money-changers from the Temple” by Theodoor Rombouts. Credit:

Biz: High creationism

Come prepared to smoke, paint, chat, indulge, and probably laugh harder than you ever had before.

puff, pass and paint website

The advent of legal recreational weed has seen a refreshing sidecar of accompanying experiential business models, from marijuana tours to professional ThC infused dinner parties to weed-oil massage therapy. In my quick search for what’s out there I discovered Puff, Pass and Paint which describes itself as “Canvas and Cocktails with a Cannabis Twist”. The painting events aren’t “about making the perfect piece of art. It’s about being part of an atmosphere that is relaxed, comfortable, open-minded, and allowing yourself to freely create your own original masterpiece.” They offer classes like X-Rated Los Angeles (nudes), abstract fluid painting, and Puff, Pass & POTtery. Currently there are class offering in big cities: DC, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Vegas, Detroit, SF. It is HQ’d in Denver.