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Super: Madman, the comic

Mike Aldred’s Madman supported my sanity during my high school years and still feels fresh these days. I’ll let an Amazon review by user Golly Great describe it better than I can:

“Mike Allred’s series Madman is a bizarre pop culture cocktail. Madman pulls influence from superhero comics, B-grade science fiction films from the 50’s and 60’s and metaphysical philosophy. What you’ll find is something delightfully off-the-wall. The main character is Frank Einstein, a sort of modern Frankenstein’s monster with few memories of his previous life. His state as a reanimated human makes him a bit insecure, so he wears the costume of his favorite childhood hero, and pursues the meaning of his existence in this form. In his adventures, he runs across mad scientists, gangsters, mutating clones, government agents, aliens and cosmic beings.”

I recommend starting with Volume 2 as the first one is a bit gory and disjointed.