Freedom: Taking it away in Alabama

I grew up in Alabama and I love the rivers, the sweet tea, the y’alls, the bless your hearts and of course the fireflies and honeysuckle. But I’ve rarely loved Alabama politics, chock full of hypocrites, corruption and religious zealots. And today they outlawed basically all abortion, including cases of rape. Remember, this doesn’t mean that politicians and other folks of privilege won’t have access to abortions for themselves or their mistresses or daughters or whatever. The legislators are above this law, and there is a long history of pro-life politicians who encouraged their extra-marital affairs to have abortions. Like Tim Murphy and Scott DesJarlais.

From my understanding, the law won’t go into effect for six months, and it (or another state) will likely end up in the Supreme Court’s lap in the future to challenge Roe v Wade.

Anyway, I just donated to the Alabama ACLU and The Yellowhammer Fund (which assists women in Bama with medical costs, travel and a place to stay, if they need and/or want an abortion). Maybe you could support these organizations and others like it too?

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