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Create a galaxy.

After I got married, we headed out camping with a group of friends at Deception Pass, WA, which is one of the more gorgeous places on earth. Although we mostly slept in tents, a friend brought her 35 year old RV. Another friend, who happened to be in the newly medicalized pot industry, brought enough absurdly quality weed to get the entire park high. We enjoyed a baby-arm sized joint inside the RV.

The RV-owning friend brought out an earlier version of this Laser Twilight lamp. It had two elements, a slowly rotating planetarium and a blue cloud. I was transfixed and thought I want one. I scratched down the model number and have had it in my Amazon wish list ever since. It is probably worth the money, and I’ll probably get one one day, especially now that we’ve spawned a two-year old. It is magic, I promise.