Tag: street slang

Word: MDMA street slang

Street slang for drugs is valuable for confusing authority figures. It also offers cultures an amusing space for creativity about the appearance, effects, associated letters, pill imprints and sometimes even ironic associated figures, celebrities and ideas.

In my world, I’ve heard MDMA/Ecstasy called Rolls, E, X, the Love Drug and Molly.

According to the Internet, here are more: Blue Lego, Beans, Lover’s Speed, Booty Juice, Clarity, Moon Rocks, Dancing Shoes, Disco Biscuit, Go, Happy Feet, Bath Salts, Skittles, Buddhas, 007’s, Vitamin X, Malcolm X, Vowels, Yin Yangs, Armanis, Fergie (she talked a openly about her use of MDMA), Eminem (reportedly takes MDMA before going on stage to “loosen up”, Sting (practitioner of “extreme, yoga, tantric sex and ecstacy”).