Category: Animation

Death: Graveyard speaks

In this short French video adaptation of a story by Maupassant, entitled “Dans la nuit”, the dead return to tell their truth. Brief and haunting.

Watch: Sedation in action

The YouTube description bills this animation as “The Trippiest Video Ever”. The song is synthy-bass heavy and the video takes you places.

Tickle: Your mind

A 2016 animation by Bang Sangho about the trascendental chaotic visionary infinite beauty of global evolution. Or whatever. It is short enough and there is a didgeridoo in…

Macro/Micro: Cosmic visualization

From the Imaginary Foundation, zoom into the galactic. Just a fun visualization. link Update: I don’t think this works on phones (or at least iOS).

Visualize: Gradient Forest

Not tripping today? This could help: link

Turn on: Tripping in Cambodia

In this Vice animated tale, the narrator takes us on the story of her first LSD experience. Ah, the reason that I felt so uneasy was more to…

Screen: Fall for endings

The Life of Death, an hand-drawn animated short by Dutch filmmaker Marsha Onderstijn. It is about “the day Death fell in love with Life” and explores the perspectives…

Zooming inside art.

Zoom: Inside a painting

I’m not sure how far into infinity this goes, but Zoom Quilt is for those moments when you want to swim inside an animation forever. It did get…