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Absorb: Some exceptional podcast episodes

Podcasts are perhaps the most accessible intimate artform, gaining your full attention. There are podcasts on most topics — no matter how obscure or ridiculous — I am currently listening to a podcast where each episode explores in-depth one minute of the movie My Dinner with Andre, called My Minute with Andre. I recommend that you probably don’t listen to that, unless that also happens to be your favorite movie.

Anyways, you probably should listen to some of Vulture’s recommendations of the 10 best Podcasts from last year. Their #10 choice is also one of my favorites, The Nod’s “Saving Grace”. Vulture describes it:

A woman, Autumn, recalls her childhood efforts to preserve her grandmother’s memory through The Sims, a video game. “Saving Grace” illustrates a distinctly modern iteration on the universal act of grieving, and though this isn’t a particularly new topic, this episode does successfully capture both the surreality and the earnest power of the process. Much of this has to do with the episode being presented as an act of remembering. As Autumn tells her story to producer Wallace Mack, we hear her hesitate, qualify, and oscillate between fleeting embarrassment and, unquestionably, burning pride.

Nicholas Quah on the podcast episode “Saving Grace”