Category: Trippy

Impossibilities: Down is up

Painter Lindsay Pickett bends perspective, channeling the surrealists and M.C. Escher, folding urban skylines and bending roads to where we don’t know up from down, designing a pleasant,…

Watch: Sedation in action

The YouTube description bills this animation as “The Trippiest Video Ever”. The song is synthy-bass heavy and the video takes you places. Please follow and like us:

Costumes: A Love Story

Via BoingBoing, Verasphere is a vibrant and adorable 20 minute documentary about costuming, romance and community.“We had a terrible burrito, but it was great.”“It’s always Ms. It’s Mrs….

String Theory: 100 miles of yarn

Psychedelic yarn art. Krakow based artists Przemek Podolski and Marta Basandowskaby spin the yarn into mind-bending installations, highlighted by blacklights. Podolski said: “I was fascinated by the cosmos…

See/Hear: The Daily Psychedelic Video blog

Since 2010, a team of self-described “psychedelic video aficionados” have posted a video a day on their aptly-named blog, The Daily Psychedelic Video. They write: “These videos can…